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"Dr. Fife and his fine staff make me feel welcome every week. And at last my neck and lower back pain is starting to diminish. Thank you!"

"I had a GREAT first visit. I’ve been to a few chiropractors and my first visit with Advanced Chiropractic was by far the best experience. I never received an initial consultation as thorough as I had at this office! Excellent care!"

"I had never been to a chiropractor before. The staff was fantastic at making me feel comfortable every step of the way. I could barely walk when I came to see you. I had 2 treatments in 3 days, and I almost have 100% range of motion back. I’m amazed, grateful and can’t thank you enough."

"I’m definitely a believer! My back is 100% better than the day I walked into your office. Thank you so very much!"


"Advanced Chiropractic Specialists had me back on my bicycle and racing pain free again.  I had tried everything and nothing helped by back and leg pain.  Dr. Fife not only stopped my back and leg pain, he had me bring my bike into his office and he took time evaluate my positioning on the bike.  He made some changes to how I ride my bike and now after 2 years of not being able to ride or race bikes, I am back on the bike and posting my fastest times ever!   The whole experience was great. "  Robert B.


"I was told years ago I had to have lower back surgery because a disc in my back was nearly collapsed and the only way to relieve the intense pain and weakness in my leg was to remove the disc and fuse the area.  Dr. Fife made no promises but said he thought he could help me avoid surgery or at the very least postpone it a few years.  Well it has been 17 years and I continue to do construction work, fix cars and fish and I have never had back surgery!   I owe all this to Dr. Fife."  R.G.

"Dr. Fife was not the first chiropractor I have seen over the years but he is the best.  He was the first doctor to find the cause of my pain.  Others told me I had scar tissue in a muscle and would apply pressure and move the muscle/joints.  This provided only temporary relief.  But Dr. Fife said the only way to prevent my pain from coming back was to find what was causing it in the first place.  He took the time to search for the cause and made some changes to how I exercised and worked.  He then corrected my problem and strengthened the injured area and now I am pain free."   P.F.