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The workplace is generally a safe environment, but there are instances when you may be injured despite using all safety guidelines.  There are many types of work-related injuries, but naming the many types of work-related injuries means naming the many types of work.

It is often easier to categorize injuries into their known causes.

Driving based injuries

  • Incidents involving Fork Lift accidents
  • Incidents involving Pallet Truck accidents
  • Injuries due to poor maintenance of vehicles
  • Injuries due to long hours of labor

Factory based injuries
Factory based injuries include those which take place in workplaces where heavy machineries are used. The common types of factory based injuries are as follows:

  • Injuries due to repetitive strains
  • Injuries due to lifting, carrying, or handling objects that are too heavy
  • Injuries with general tissue trauma due to large cuts and wounds
  • Injuries due to falling from height

Equipment based injuries
The construction industry has the highest rate of workplace fatality compared to work from other sectors. This could also overlap with those kinds in the factory based injuries.

  • Loss of limbs after a major heavy machinery accident
  • Injuries due to defective machinery or poor maintenance of machinery
  • Injuries or fall from height due to dangerous equipment

Office based injuries

  • Trips or falls in the office due to lack of warning or poor maintenance of the workplaces
  • Injuries which result to general tissue trauma like large cuts, wounds, and burns
  • Injuries due to defective seating
Injuries due to poor maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Injuries due to repetitive stress to certain joints or body parts

Retail based injuries
Retail based injuries are those from shops or stores.

  • Injuries due to slipping on spilled liquid
  • Injuries due to incorrectly positioned stocks
  • Injuries due to repetitive strain

No matter what the cause, the doctors at Advanced Chiropractic Specialists have very good understanding of how to treat injuries which occur at work.  We work with numerous professionals to provide our patients with the best care they can receive.  Our patients typically return to work and normal daily activities faster than our peers and at a fraction of the cost!  If we feel you need an attorney, we have personally interviewed several attorneys that we feel would best suite your needs. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from an injury that occurred while at work, call our office at 702-655-1199 for a no charge consultation and complete evaluation.