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Activator Methods®

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique is one of best low force chiropractic techniques in the world.  Very few chiropractors have received the Advanced Profeincy Rating in this technique.  Dr. Fife has been Advanced Profiency Rated for 16 years and has helped thousands of patients. read more

Active Myofascial Release

Every session of our active myofascial release therapy involves of an examination of the injured area and an adjustment. read more

Diversified Technique

If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, spinal problems or other joint problems, we may use the diversified technique as part of your treatment. The diversified technique is the most commonly used chiropractic treatment; it involves the manipulation and adjustment of the spinal column and/or arms/legs.  read more

Thompson Technique

Early chiropractors noticed that subluxations would produce the appearance of a short, or contracted leg. Using a protocol of comparing leg lengths while the patient turned their head and moved their limbs, helped determine whether the subluxation was in the upper, middle or lower back. read more